Orlando, FL, USA

BSREP002 (August 2021)
BSRLP001 (December 2021)
BSR017 (Forthcoming 2022)


SST aka Stereo Stormtrooper is an electronic music producer based in Orlando, FL. He is widely known for his drum & bass production but has had several breakbeat, dubstep, and downtempo releases as well. He worked with Genr8 and Glitch as part of the dnb production team The Chosen, releasing music on Silver’s Nemesis label, as well as U.S. labels Habit Recordings, Cymbalism, and Ohm Resistance. The group disbanded in 2008 and in the following years SST had several solo releases on notable U.S. labels Patrol The Skies, Ohm Resistance, Schedule One, Onset, and Bombtraxx. After a 5 year hiatus from music while working on several film projects as sound designer and sound effects editor, SST is back with a renewed focus on music with many releases slated for this coming year.

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