Boomslang Recordings

Boomslang Recordings was established in 2016 by Noize Komplaint, originally as an outlet for their own production. However, as they gained traction with projects being picked up by Flex Records, Renegade Hardware, and Patrol The Skies, the label morphed into something greater. As time went on, Noize Komplaint started to make plans for the label past what it was initially envisioned for. In 2020, Mike and Dave finally officially launched the label into the drum and bass world and it quickly began gaining notoriety as it signed some big names and projects from artists such as Heist, Saxxon, and NC-17. Today the label is home to some of the biggest artist and rising stars of the drum & bass universe.

We often get asked why we named the label Boomslang Recordings.

The boomslang is relatively small, although can grow up to 6 feet in length, green, olive-brown, basically camouflage, African tree snake that looks pretty with it’s very large eyes, egg shaped head and not very intimidating if you saw it. It’s very agile and resourceful and often overlooked. However, despite all of this the boomslang preys on large food such as falcons and ospreys. When threatened the boomslang will puff out its neck and it’s capable of opening its jaws 170º. The venom of the boomslang is extremely toxic and fatal however very slow moving and an agonizing slow death if untreated. It’s basically the underdog of snakes with a lot of characteristics related to DNB/Jungle (Camo, African roots, 170 degrees, etc). As a US based label, we’re already underdogs. We’re overlooked and not very intimidating. As we continue to release some large tunes by some large artists, we have begun to grow to our full potential and are slowly becoming a formidable force in the drum and bass music genre.

Boomslang Recordings Team

Michael ThomasFounder / Owner
Ragga Scum / State of Decay / Noize Komplaint
Dave HauserLabel Manager
Direct Feed / Bad Martian / Noize Komplaint
Brett BakerA&R Manager
ESKR / Noize Komplaint
Carlos CastilloA&R Artist Relations
Greg OerlemansAudio Engineer
We Bang / Gerald / Noize Komplaint
Matthew ThatcherArt Director
Thomas EskridgeA&R Scout
Liquid Robot
Amy OctaneMarketing Director
Decibel DNB / Best Drum and Bass
Christopher ParkerMarketing Manager
MK Ultra
Tally GrostMarketing Manager
Tally G
Mike BeardMarketing
Drum and Bass Proper / Altitude Sickness
Victor SwainMarketing

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