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Noize Komplaint is an American Drum & Bass group, instrumental in pushing the D&B scene forward in the United States. For many years as individual artists and especially since joining forces to create this super group, they continue to carry the movement further yet. Formed in 2015 by Mike Thomas, Dave Hauser, Greg Oerlemans, and recently inducted Brett Baker to the family. Four methodically unique and talented individuals, each with their own history and areas of expertise.

Noize Komplaint first appeared on L Double’s Flex Records and debuted as part of the Altered States LP, which featured many of the brightest artists in USDNB. Their contribution to the album was aptly titled, “Rock Solid” and gave Noize Komplaint immediate notoriety in the world of Drum & Bass. Soon after, recording DJ mixes for The History of Renegade Hardware – Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, they had taken off with incredible momentum and soon found themselves performing a set at Renegade Hardware’s epic “Final Chapter” event in London. With expertly crafted, mind bending tunes like, “Succubus” and “The Fallen” released in 2016 on Patrol the Skies Music, Noize Komplaint was quickly and effectively letting the world know they are not about to turn the volume down.

In 2016, Noize Komplaint established the label, “Boomslang Recordings” initially as an outlet for their own material. Boomslang has since grown to be a staple in the US D&B scene, as well as achieving worldwide acclaim as a groundbreaking group of artists. They have recently signed on heavy hitters Heist, Saxxon, and NC-17 to the Boomslang Recordings artist roster and continue to roll out sensational productions. Speaking of heavy hits, keep a sharp eye and ear out for the Noize Komplaint remix of Heist’s smash hit, “Celestial”. They also have a sinister EP lined up for 2021, and forthcoming releases on Kevlar Beats and Multikill. Noize Komplaint has also recently unleashed a magnificent full-length DJ mix for the US based CG Agency. With the inventiveness and experience that each member brings to the studio, it’s only natural that Noize Komplaint has all of the components necessary to continue blazing a fiery trail of unrelenting Drum & Bass scorchers.

So, who exactly is Noize Komplaint…?

Michael Thomas, aka “thirteen21” or most infamously known as “Ragga Scum”, a Junglist with exceptional credentials. Not only is Mike an accomplished producer, he is an outstanding DJ with supernatural ability on the decks, as evident with his mixes for the now defunct Nu Urban Music with The History of Ragga Jungle Volumes 1 & 2 that showcased Congo Natty and Suburban Base. He is the founder of the label Warlord Dubplate and co-owner of The DNB Vault, a US based Drum & Bass / Jungle magazine. He has also done writing for UK based Knowledge Magazine. Mike “Ragga Scum” is responsible for a cache of releases, including the Ragga Jungle anthems “Gun Shot War” and “Another Champion” alongside Direct Feed. He also appeared on the widely celebrated US release, “From the Dubplate EP” featuring RAW aka 6Blocc. Ragga Scum’s vast array can be found on labels such as JungleXpeditions, Combat Records, Dub Chamber, and The DNB Guild, to name just a few.

Dave Hauser aka “Bad Martian” and “Direct Feed” is an absolutely brilliant composer with an arsenal of releases on labels such as Scāpegōt Records, Patrol the Skies Music, Drone Parade, Herd Killing, Dub Chamber, Tonz of Drumz, and Phunk Junk Records. Dave’s career as an artist has spanned for almost three decades now and includes an extensive run as “Chaos in Motion” with an entire catalog of releases on the historic LA Jungle label, N2O. You may not actually realize just how many times you have seen or heard a release featuring one of his various aliases. A Jungle warrior and D&B aficionado of the highest regard.

Greg “Lion” Oerlemans is otherwise known as world-renowned Dubstep pioneer “We Bang”. Not only a successful musician, Greg is an extremely skilled audio mastering engineer and phenomenal sound designer who owns and operates The Lion’s Den Mastering. Greg also has a slew of top tier collaborative releases under the alias, “WB X MB” (We Bang X Mister Black) Greg “We Bang” also produces a series of hand-crafted, highly innovative sample packs, which are available through Black Octopus Sound and other major outlets.

Brett Baker, professionally and affectionately known as “ESKR” is the newest member of Noize Komplaint. Signed to Boomslang Recordings in 2020, ESKR quickly emerged as a perfect fit in the evolution of the Noize Komplaint. ESKR started as a DJ in 1999 and immediately fell in love with music production. His past discography includes a stockpile of releases under the aliases “Ceeker” and “Company Truck”. As a solo artist with the release of ESKR – Another Life EP on Scāpegōt Records, his new single “Let’s Dance” on Play Me Records, and forthcoming releases on Patrol the Skies Music and Boomslang Recordings, ESKR is no doubt a legendary artist born in the underground and true to form.

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