Cleveland, OH, USA

BSR019 (Forthcoming 2022)


The DJ and production force known as Kevin Cunningham or KC for short, started his career alongside Steven “Sleepy C” Cinch’s production crew Psychoactive in Ohio. Kevin’s precise mixing and turntable trickery quickly made KC a hot commodity. In an effort to gain independence from the local scene, KC migrated to Chicago where he landed a prestigious job in the DJ mega-store, Supreme Records. As head of ordering drumnbass at Supreme, KC served up a selection of import jungle, something unheard of prior to his arrival.

Soon after arriving in the windy city KC began developing production skills that now rival his continental peers. With help from Chicago techno don, Angel Alanis, KC set up a studio and began to crank out tunes. Incorporating his signature sci-fi sound and minimalist sensibility into his Dj sets; KC built a reputation for not only delivering sets with mechanical precision but also a fresh, unknown style for the seasoned listener. His wealth of original material gained the attention of Chicago house legend Bad Boy Bill’s CANVAS imprint. With previous releases from the Dj 3D and other Chicago favorites, CANVAS was looking to extend its roster.

KC’s first release on CANVAS, “System Overload,” was an immediate hit on the domestic scene. The success of this first release provided the springboard he needed to land a deal with Dj Wally’s Rawkus sub-label, Rawkuts, which was featured in the March 2001 issue of Knowledge magazine.

As his sound reached deeper into the American scene, artists such as E-sassin and UFO! began to cut precious acetate of KC’s latest tracks, marking his initiation as a US drumnbass professional.

Since then, KC has appeared alongside UK drumnbass legends Usual Suspects, LTJ Bukem, Dj Krust, Grooverider, Fabio, Doc Scott, Marcus Intalex and many more. In addition to this hectic tour schedule, KC delved into the Chicago club scene alongside Dj R-yn with Sequence, a weekly dnb event in the city of house.This hard-hitting duo hosted the original true playa, the Dj Zinc among others while carving their names into the backs of Chicago’s drumnbass scene. With proven success in Chicago’s clubs, KC went on to secure coveted headline spots at Dubshack’s legendary Brockout! clubnight and Dj Glyde’s super-charged drumnbass weekly The Seminar.

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