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Send your demo submission to Boomslang Recordings. Please make sure you have submitted us a streaming download link to your demo (e.g. a private SoundCloud link). Please do NOT send demos as attachments or download files, or email your demo to any other e-mail addresses, they will be ignored.


Boomslang Recordings was established in 2016 by Noize Komplaint, originally as an outlet for their own production. However, as they gained traction with projects being picked up by Flex Records, Renegade Hardware, and Patrol The Skies, the label morphed into something greater. As time went on, Noize Komplaint started to make plans for the label past what it was initially envisioned for. In 2020, Mike and Dave finally officially launched the label into the drum and bass world and it quickly began gaining notoriety as it signed some big names and projects from artists such as Heist, Saxxon, and NC-17. Today the label is home to some of the biggest artist and rising stars of the drum & bass universe.